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About us 


Inspired by the meaning of Louella  as "beautiful warrior" the founder, Joanne had a vision to introduce the trendy fine jewelry line expressing the natural beauty of the modern woman. 


“It's the ability to make beautiful things that reflect the beauty of the


 “Usually people can wear the same clothes, same handbags, and same shoes, but you can choose your own jewelry to reflect your inner beauty and wear them  differently.

 I think that expresses who you really are and shows your real identify as a woman and all woman desire to stay beautiful, unique, and confident.”  said Joanne.

Maison Louella's designs and products feature artisan craftsmanship mixed with selected collection of pearls, precious stones, gemstones, and precious metals. Maison Louella creates and curates a variety of unique and contemporary pieces and caters to the woman's taste for modern elegance with high quality.  


Maison Louella is based in Newport Beach, California, USA and currently there are 2 private showrooms in Irvine, California and Seoul, Korea.





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